Armaggan – Stronghold of the Turkish Traditonal Art

Masterfully combining original contemporary designs with traditional techniques, Armaggan produces exclusive hand-made jewelry, objects d’art, naturally dyed textiles, scarves, leather goods and home textiles. These unique, hand-made items & limited editions are crafted in their own workshops and studios where they keep the old traditions alive with hand looms and other techniques. All their efforts and products are serving to one aim, lasting timeless pieces designed to be handed down from generation to generation, appreciating in both value and distinction.

Main subjects are;

Jewelry : Brilliant and mine-cut diamonds, the highest quality precious and semi-precious stones and pearls combined with craftsmans skills & Armaggan’s special designs. All Armaggan Jewelry Collections feature our exclusive, trademark shade of 18 karat gold.

Natural Dye Textiles: Keeping the old traditions, Armaggan uses hand-looms to create textile and color them in natural and traditional ways with the help of the Natural Dyes Research and Development Laboratory (DATU), which is supported by the Turkish Cultural Foundation.  Those timeless and all time attractive items are just flawless…

Objets D’art: Limited editions crafted from gold, silver, porcelain, ceramic, glass, fine woods and natural marble from Turkey’s finest marble-producing regions, including Diyarbakır, Manyas and Bilecik using endangered traditional techniques…


Leather: High quality products ranging from personal accessories to truly distinctive accents for your home. Specially designed by talented designers; all leather items are made from individually selected hides that are vegetable tanned using locally harvested natural oak, mimosa and sumac bark.


Home Textiles: This special collection features natural fabrics and raw silks woven by artisans using traditional handlooms. The authentic regional Anatolian textures, colors and motifs employed in these fabrics serve as the inspiration for this collection’s unique lines.


ARMAGGAN’s select collections are designed for discerning guests seeking gifts reflecting refinement and a rich cultural heritage.