Blue Phoenix Travel (sub-brand of DAY Events)has been created by Ufuk F. Gokdeniz in 2014 to provide private travel services for individuals… Creating special programs, arranging the best hotels fits in guests’ style and needing, finding best attractions to make their trip unforgettable for each guest are the main subjects of the Blue Phoenix Travel…

In 2015, Blue Phoenix Travel join the DAY Events tailor-made organizations service provider for companies… Having the same philosophy and vision, Blue Phoenix Travel & DAY Events expand their border together. DAY Events provides service within a wide range including domestic and international accommodation, transfer services, weddings, dealers and motivation meetings, product launches, organizational services, gala and entertainment organizations, etc. in a great sense of personalization… With the joining of Blue Phoenix Travel, now we can provide personalized services for individuals and answer all their requests. Below, you can read about us and get more ideas about who we are…

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Ufuk F. gokdenız – Founder

ufuk gokdeniz

Ufuk F. Gokdeniz

I was born in the old city of Istanbul, and I still live in my family house.  I pass by the oldest church in Istanbul when I walk to the shore; I gaze at the Yedikule Fortress when I wait for my bus.  I grew up in a cosmopolitan neighborhood that thought me not to classify people by any means.  This mentality, instilled at an early age, now inspires me to be a citizen of the world, not just the country.


I am a great fan of spiritualism, supernatural things, mythology, folklore, and the history of religions. Studying them led me to the world of art, first ancient temples to sculpture, and then finally to paintings.  After graduating from Marmara University’s Tourism Guide Department, I became one of the rare fortunate people who can combine their passions and interests with their jobs. This has a benefit very precious to me:  the ability to meet people, introduce them to Turkey, exchange knowledge and ideas, and share time.


As a hard-worker travel advisor and tour guide, I decided to create my brand, Blue Phoenix.  My name, Ufuk, means horizon.  As the phoenix rises and flies toward new horizons, so do I.  I invite you to join me on my journey.

YUNUS SENEL – Founder of DAY Events



I was born in Istanbul as a descendent of the most successful Ottoman Admiral Barbaros Hayrettin Pasa who passed away in the 16th century and his tomb in Besiktas is still respected by the Turkish Navy as salutes his mausoleum with a cannon shot before leaving for naval operations and battles. Maybe that’s why I always love to travel around the world and in the end that journey led me to work in tourism…


After graduated from Istanbul Technical University, spent a couple of years in that field but I decided to have a radical step and decided to have a career in tourism in 2002 at Conrad Istanbul Hotel, which is the luxury brand of Hilton International group. My journey continues in the sales and marketing departments of Four Seasons Bosporus and Çırağan Palace Kempinski as the most prestigious hotels in Istanbul.


After years in those luxury brands, I decided to open my brand where I can get together the professionals who have been employed in luxury brands in Istanbul and established the management staff of DAY Events. With technical and operational personnel each of whom specialized in their fields’ having been involved in the team, the core staff of DAY Events has been completed and started to provide personalized services for companies to answer all their request.


Birds have always been loved by the Turkish people.  Perhaps this comes from our origins.  Nomadic Turks were shamanists and they worshipped a god called Tengri (mainly known as Kok Tengri, which means Sky God).  Birds were considered to be messengers of Tengri.  Even today you can see the reflections of this belief.  Many Turks feed birds in the courts of mosques, make birdhouses, or place a special basin on graves for the birds, where they can drink and bathe.

As flying creatures, birds are also related to freedom and spiritualism.  For that reason, many cultures have their legendary birds:  Simurg of Seljuk Turks, Zhar-ptitsa, the Firebird of Slavs, Benu of Egypt, Zumrud-u Anka of Turkey, and the Phoenix of Greece and Europe.

Why I chose the phoenix as a symbol comes from another Oriental legend…

It was said that Simurg (the Oriental version of the phoenix) was an immortal bird that lived on the tree of wisdom.  This beautiful king of the birds knew all of life’s answers.  One day, some other birds had a problem and they wanted Simurg to solve it.  But this was a difficult task.  They had to pass through the valleys of desire, love, skill, belief, and nothingness to find him.  Only thirty birds completed the exhausting journey and reached the nest of Simurg.  At first, they could not see it.  But when they realized that Simurg means “thirty birds,” they understood that each of them was the Simurg.

This story resonates with my heart and my dreams. As I love the diversity and changes, Phoenix’s idea formed in my mind, and I created my inner Phoenix. Not dangerous as fire but calming like water. My Phoenix is belonging to the sky and sea, as my surname and now it is ready to fly you away through the centuries and feelings….



For many people, the most important question of any trip is “Where will I sleep?” Without comfortable accommodations and relaxing sleep, travel cannot be successful. For that reason, we choose the best accommodation options in your budget for your memorable stay.


It ıs essential to decide about the type of trip you want:  active, cultural, local focus, total tranquillity, and relaxation, romantic, or a combination. Once you decide on your main theme, we will create a special itinerary.


Guides are your key to accessing the local culture. After selecting the theme of your trip, we will choose the best available guides for you to complete the rhythm of your tour. Our guides are well-prepared, knowledgeable, and friendly professionals who want to make your trip memorable and satisfying.


Turkey is a rich country, not only in food and history but also in cultures and people.

Along with our tours, we always try to find a way to show you more of our culture. Stopping by a village en route and just walking in the streets for a while, or observing the life and nature of the countryside, will not just enrich your journey but will add new colors to your soul.


We are here to provide whatever you need. We can arrange a private plane, helicopter, gulet, or limousine. In general, we use Mercedes Vito vehicles with courteous drivers for our transportation.


In case you need additional services, we can arrange babysitters, nurses, bodyguards, or butlers. Please just let us know what will make your trip worry-free.


Along your journey, we will be in contact with you to provide whatever you need.




Blue Phoenix Travel specialized in bespoke programs that %100 meet the guests’ demands. In that concept, we can arrange whatever you need. Private vehicle to shopping assistant or reservation for the best hairdresser… Our services are diverse and we can reshape them regarding your requests…

For our partners, we are working as their branch in Turkey and deal with every issue to provide the best services for the guests…

Once you choose to work with Blue Phoenix Travel;


Our guests have limited time and it is important to show all the desired places in a sense of great harmony. Enriching their program with alternatives, pointing out some local interests, giving them an insight into the culture are just some of what we are doing. Regarding our guests’ requests & needs, we combine places and services to create the best…


Time is the most valuable thing and we are aware of that. For that reason, we are working in different hours to provide swift answers including all your answers and even your program…  You can reach us by calling, sending a message, or e-mail. To find our contact information, please just click…


We are not like a mechanic agency that only provides good quality services but the host of our great country. Each guest is a precious relic for us to take care of. As we are always in contact with them, at the same time, they can reach us whenever they need…


Blue Phoenix Travel is working in a certain level of hotels that where our guests can enjoy their stay. To choose the best hotels, we have three criteria; location, service quality, and comfort. For each customized program, we evaluate all options for our guests and offer only the bests.  Hotels that we work together are always helping us to find and provide the best for our guests. Depending on booking density and availability, we are always asking for special upgrades for our guests to make a little difference for our guests. Sometimes, due to our special contracts, we provide complimentary services such as fruit baskets, sometimes breakfast to the room, or special discounts for hotel facilities.


Turkey is an energetic country the dynamics of the cities are always getting change. To catch up the life in the cities, we highly recommend you to contact our concierge to get info about the best dinner options or other activities that you may like to join…




What are tailor-made or bespoke travel services?

Those words define customized services focused on guests’ needs and interests. The length of stay at your destinations, the pace of the tours, included services… everything is adjusted by your travel advisor to meet your requests. You are the master of your tour and we are the organizer who makes your plans feasible.

What is the best way to create your travel program?

We have a special questionnaire that will give us all the basic information we need to prepare a dream journey for you.  After filling it out, you send it to us with just one click, and we will start to work for you.

What is the best period for visiting Turkey?

This depends on the purpose of the vacation and the places you want to visit in Turkey. The peak tourist season is mostly between April and December.  However, that doesn’t mean that only these 8 months are beautiful periods for a vacation in Turkey. Places like Istanbul and Cappadocia offer their visitors a different kind of beauty each month. Keep in your mind that in the low season, prices are lower as well when compared to the peak season.

What is the visa application process for Turkey?

You can find information about visa requirements for your nationality at the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website:

What is the time zone of Turkey?

Between October to the end of February, Turkey is in the GMT + 2 zone.

Between March to the end of September, Turkey is in the GMT +3 zone.

What about mobile phone service in Turkey?

Depending on your mobile service provider, you can use any of three companies’ services (Turkcell, Vodafone & Avea). We strongly recommend that you consult with your provider before your trip for up-to-date rates.

What about using credit cards in Turkey?

Except in villages and small shops, credit cards can be used everywhere. Visa and MasterCard are preferred, American Express less so. For ATM access you may need your bank cards if your credit card is not authorized as a bank card.

Is it safe to drive in Turkey?

Turkey uses one of the most expensive fuels in the world. Furthermore, we don’t recommend city driving.  Istanbul’s traffic, streets, and parking are notoriously difficult for visitors.  Between the cities, however, the highways are smoother and if you like self-driving, you can enjoy yourself in Turkey.

Do you work with travel agents?

In a word, yes! We are happy to collaborate with travel agents.  Our skillful advisors can help you create the best programs for your guests and will provide on-site assistance during their visit.

What are the working hours of Blue Phoenix Travel?

There are no specific times as we work whenever we receive e-mails or phone calls. We always reply to all e-mails within 24 hours (usually much sooner than that).

What you should receive after your booking with Blue Phoenix?

After all the booking processes, you should receive your confirmation form, invoice, and vouchers if you prefer. Upon your arrival, you will also receive one copy of your travel program, your tickets (if required), and other documents from our Travel Assistant.

Payment Methods

To book your travel services, you can choose either credit card or wire transfers… After planning your tour and decided on the perfect itinerary, you will receive our mail order form via e-mail. You can fill this form with your credit card info and send us back by e-mail or you can use our bank details at the end of the form for wire transfer…

What happens after you make a booking with Blue Phoenix?

After all the booking processes are completed, you will receive your confirmation form, invoice, and vouchers by e-mail. Upon your arrival, you will also receive one copy of your travel program, your tickets (if required), and other documents (maps, informational brochures, etc.)from our Travel Assistant.

Where you can get the latest info about activities in Turkey? is the main web page for tickets of all events in Turkey. Besides that, we always keep you updated about what’s happening in the city during your visit, and are happy to help make arrangements once you are here.

Should we consider adding Greece into our program?

The land of Gods and Goddesses, Greece is not very far away from Turkey. Every day, you can find a minimum of 2 flights from Istanbul to Athens. For additional information please check our web page.

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