Gobeklitepe; rewriting history….

Excavations in Gobeklitepe have been continue and soon, this place will be the most important destination in Turkey… Neither Great empire of Egypt nor the Druids Stonehenge’s can challenge with Gobeklitepe because it is the oldest temple in the world remains from 12.century BC…

With the findings of old farmer form Sanliurfa (In 1963) appealed the attentions of archaeologist that ended up with finding the oldest human-made temple in the world from 10th millennium BC… Gobeklitepe’s plan is mysteriously similar like Stonehenge but the art concept & portions along with side-by-side existence of multiple pillar shrines make it unique.

This great finding triggered many thoughts from realists to mystics… Who made the temple? How they made it? Best hypothesis came from excavator Klaus Schmidt, recently passed away:

“First came the temple, then the city.”

Excavations shows that around the temple there are settlements nearly at the same period…  But this is the period that history thought us as people were Hunter-gatherer in those periods… But temple shows us that there should be a residents who needed a temple…. Another important point is the art concept of the Gobeklitepe…  Plastic values of the animal and floral carvings are just breath-taking.

Another mystery of Gobeklitepe is the “religion”… There is no clear evidence about the religion or the God/Goddess that people dedicated that temple… Regarding animal & floral carvings, it might be the primitive form of shamanism. All the answers are on the stones as unreadable pictograms, animal & plant carvings that their meaning are unknown for now…

The silence of the stones may be change in close future but till then, as the oldest antique temple in the world, Gobeklitepe keeps waiting for the one who unveil the truths….

Who knows, maybe answers are hidden in the whispers of the wind blowing around the stones and you may find its secret by your spiritual conscious…