Ara GULER – Istanbul

“Photographer should be sapient; she/he should understand the picture, music, theater, read a lot and swift to decision…  thus, she/he should be sagacious…” ARA GULER Mr. Ara GULER – won an award from Lucie Award for Lifetime Achievement, New York in October 19, 2009 – born in Istanbul in 1928 and since then, he is […]

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Gobeklitepe; rewriting history….

Excavations in Gobeklitepe have been continue and soon, this place will be the most important destination in Turkey… Neither Great empire of Egypt nor the Druids Stonehenge’s can challenge with Gobeklitepe because it is the oldest temple in the world remains from 12.century BC… With the findings of old farmer form Sanliurfa (In 1963) appealed […]

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