Turkish Cuisine – Kiymali Pide

Bread is the “have to” element of Turkish Cuisine… Loaf of bread, flat bread, pitta bread…. Depends on region, breads change shape and style… But all of them are tasty… Then, we have evolved breads that we call “pide” which is type of flat bread stuffed with cheese or potatoes etc… My favorite is the […]

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Forty Layered Joy; Baklava…

  Among the Turkish desserts, Baklava is the king sit on the throne… Only problem is which type of it? With pistachio, walnut or hazelnut? Invented in Topkapi Palace of Osmanli (Ottoman) Empire, baklava counted as the most prestigious dessert of the Turkish cuisine… To understand Baklava, first we should speak about yufka… Yufka means […]

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