Turkish Cuisine – Kiymali Pide

Bread is the “have to” element of Turkish Cuisine… Loaf of bread, flat bread, pitta bread…. Depends on region, breads change shape and style… But all of them are tasty…

Then, we have evolved breads that we call “pide” which is type of flat bread stuffed with cheese or potatoes etc… My favorite is the classic mice-meat pide… Below, you can see how my legendery mom make it for me….

Step 1: Making the bread… Just like standard way of bread, first you should mix the flour with water, couple pinches of salt and sugar, yeast and some oil… Knead the dough very well till everything blend in each other. Wait for fermentation and then take walnut size small pieces, sprinkle some flour on table and re-knead the pieces with the help of your palm. Than with rolling pin, make nice rounds…


Step 2: Classic mince-meat ingredient, you need to cut some onion & green peppers, fried them and add mincemeat with salt & black pepper. Cook them for 5 minutes but not more than that… Then with the help of spoon, put some of this special mixture to the round and lose it like a calzone …


Step 3: Put them on oiled oven tray, put in pre-heated oven and cook them till its catch the golden color… Take the tray out and put some oil on the pides and after 5 minutes of resting, they are ready to serve…. Ayran (Turkish drink mixture of yogurt+ water+ salt) can be option for drink along with pide… If you like, you can put fresh parsley in it and drop some lemons as well….


Afiyet Olsun

(Bon Appetit)